Winter Travel Tips for Malaysians

Living in Malaysia, Malaysians are only familiar with warm weather and rainy seasons. Snow and temperatures below 27°C are non-existent in our tropical country, and the coldest experience you can get is probably at Genting Highlands.

While there is no winter season in Malaysia, you can get a feel of chilly weather and see white snow if you are willing to travel to countries across the globe. But for Malaysians with zero experience with the cold, you must be well-prepared to stand against the elements. Without proper preparations and travel insurance, a trip to a cold country can be disastrous.

Are you about to embark on a winter trip for the first time? Here are some tips to our fellow Malaysians to survive the cold:

Invest in reliable winter gear

Some people may think there’s no need to spend money on high-quality winter gear since they are only using it once for a winter trip, but investing in reliable winter wear is worth every penny. Buying high-quality winter gear keeps you warm so you can fully enjoy your trip, instead of shivering and feeling uncomfortable from the cold!

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Always moisturise

Even if you have good quality winter gear, moisturising is necessary as the winter season is dry. During your trip, remember to apply lotion on any body part you can find, even your lips, to keep your skin smooth and soft. It’s important to consistently moisturise every day, as skipping a day can lead to flaky skin.

Bring heat packs

Using heat packs are another great way to keep yourself warm in cold weather. They come in various types and sizes, and they’re light and easy to carry around. If you have trouble picking a favourite type, just get them all! We’re sure you’ll find them useful in any harsh temperature.

Carry medical supplies

Malaysians who are not used to cold weather can get ill when they experience a drastic change in temperature, so it’s best to carry medical supplies that will help you feel better. Pack lozenges, vitamins and painkillers along with your winter gear, as you’ll never know if you need them. It’s also a good idea to bring plasters in the event of cuts and scrapes.

Stay warm and safe

Cold climate can be tough for Malaysians who have never experienced it before, which makes it so crucial to preparing all the essentials. Follow these tips and you can look forward to a joyous winter vacation!

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