What are the benefits of the MyDigi App?

My father was born in a generation that lived without smartphones. When smartphones and Wi-Fi became one of the necessities of daily life, it took a lot of convincing from my siblings and me to get him to own a smartphone. Even after he owned a smartphone, he only used it to make calls and send text messages.

Our family uses Digi as our telecom service, and I decided to take on another challenge to convince my dad to use the MyDigi App. It’s a mobile app by Digi to manage your account, and I thought I should share its benefits with my father, as well as everyone else.

So, here are the advantages of using the MyDigi app:

Manage your account in a device

Since everyone carries a smartphone, it makes sense to handle your Digi account with your smartphone. There’s no need to travel to a store or use a computer to manage your account. Now, you can view your Digi number details wherever and whenever you are with your smartphone.

Check bill and pay them instantly

No matter if you are on a prepaid or postpaid plan, the MyDigi App allows you to pay your bills on the spot with your phone. With the app, there’s no need to worry about missing your bill deadlines. With just a tap, all your bills will be settled, and your worries will go away.

check internet usage mydigi

Check internet usage and buy data

Not only does the MyDigi App pay your phone bills, but it also keeps track of your internet usage. Not enough data to last you till the end of the month? Just top up more with the app! You’ll never have to be afraid of running out of internet data ever again.

Earn rewards and credits

The MyDigi App is convenient in many ways, but it also rewards Digi users for using it. For example, Digi gives up to 10% credit for every reload done on the MyDigi app. You can also earn exclusive deals and offers on the app.

How can you not be convinced?

I’m proud to say that it didn’t take long to convince my father to use the MyDigi app. Even he realises how convenient it is to have an app that handles everything about your Digi account. While he may still ask me questions on how to use the app, at least he’s learning, and that’s a win for me!

You can also download the MyDigi app for yourself at the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

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