Other Employee Benefits You Should Consider!

Employee benefits are important. When you offer them things like health insurance and leave days, it shows them you are invested in not only their wellbeing, but also their future. Did you know there are other perks than insurance and off-days that employers offer during recruitment in Malaysia? Here are some examples. 

Dental and Vision Perks 

On top of medical insurance or allowance, employers in bigger companies also offer dental and vision allowance. Employees could submit a claim and get reimbursed when they seek these services. It’s a great employee benefit as it protects your workers from any further health problems. On top of that, it’s great for focus and productivity as they’re not uncomfortable or ill.

Parking and Commuting Allowance

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Getting to work for some of your employees may take up some of their expenses. To support and aid this problem, you may afford them a monthly parking or commuting allowance. Many companies in Malaysia offer parking perks as designated bays or season passes. These are all great as it minimises the cost of coming to work for your employees. 

Menstrual Leave

This is a relatively new leave policy that some progressive companies all over the world are beginning to adopt. Period cramps and other symptoms can severely interfere with one’s ability to work and be productive. For this reason, giving menstruating employees a day off during the time of the month is really helpful for them. This move would also help boost your employer brand as a company that appreciates women and other genders. 


If you’re a growing company, these employee perks may give you an extra advantage in the job vacancy market. Advertise these perks along with the job offer you have and you might just pull in some really good candidates. Looking for a place to advertise? Click here https://www.jobstreet.com.my/en/cms/employer/ to learn more. 

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