How to Stay Connected to the Internet While Abroad

Due to how convenient and easy it is to get information instantly from the web these days, we often take the internet for granted. We usually don’t realise how much we rely on it until we don’t have them.

Travelling abroad is one of those times when we don’t always the internet on our sides. In another country, staying connected to the internet to check your emails or making international calls isn’t that easy.

However, that doesn’t mean there are no ways for us to use the internet while abroad. Here are some methods to stay connected while overseas:

Purchase a local SIM card

Getting a SIM card may be a better alternative if you’re planning to stay in another country for a long time. It can be a better choice than paying your home provider expensive rates.

You can get a local SIM card immediately after you land in an airport and most of the time you can top them up in convenient stores.

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Get an international roaming plan

We mentioned that a local SIM card may be better than data roaming with your home provider, but you can consider getting an international roaming plan if for a few days.

Plans like the Digi’s Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming allows users to experience roaming to the max with a fixed price. All you need to do is choose a country, pay the price, and you get to enjoy the internet for the whole day!

Carry a portable Wi-Fi device

Sometimes, you may need to connect more than one phone to the internet when travelling. For example, all your family members own phones too and all of them need the internet too! You may also have a laptop that needs to stay online too.

You can rent these portable devices and connect up to multiple devices at once. Although you may need to carry an extra item while travelling, a portable Wi-Fi device ensures that you have the internet wherever you go.

Find available local Wi-Fi

If all of the methods above fail you, there’s still local Wi-Fi you can rely on.

Hotels usually provide Wi-Fi if you’re a customer. You can also try your luck for free and available Wi-Fis in coffee shops and restaurants.


There are plenty of ways to stay connected to the internet so you don’t have to worry about being offline.

Are you going overseas soon? Check out the list of countries included in Digi’s Daily Unlimited Internet Roaming.