How I Keep Track of My Phone Usage With the MyDigi App

We live in a world where people are glued to our smartphone screen and are depended on our mobile devices. It’s not even far-fetched to say that we’re addicted to the tiny gadget in our hand.

I, too, rely heavily on my smartphone. I mean, how can I not? Everything I need is available on my smartphone. With a simple swipe or a click, I can get any information or perform any task immediately.

However, there was once when I used more data than usual (binge-watching a TV show), and I had to pay extra for my bills. I quickly realized how dangerous and expensive it could be if I don’t keep track of my data usage.

That is when I decided to download the MyDigi app to check data usage of my Digi account.

With the app, I started to keep track of my monthly data, phone and SMS usage. It prevented me from making unnecessary calls or wasting my data when I could’ve used my Wi-Fi.

Besides the benefit of keeping track of my data-spending habits, there are other advantages that come with the MyDigi app. One of them is paying my phone bills with the app. Thanks to MyDigi app, settling my bills is so much easier.

Check Bills Online | MyDigi App

Other than check bills and check data usage, I can also get rewards for being a MyDigi app user. The rewards and deals are exclusively for Digi users, so I would like to apologize to people who are not Digi users!

Another advantage of using the app is you can get customer service with it. You no longer need to make angry phone calls to get Digi’s attention; you can text them now instead.

Since I had the app, I managed to control my phone usage. I couldn’t do it without the MyDigi app, and I hope everyone will find its benefit useful.

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