Perodua: Building Cars for Malaysians

Presentation Of Perodua

Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua, better recognised as Perodua is truly a key fixture on Malaysian roads. The biggest automotive manufacturers in the nation, they were known previously, for creating minicars and supermini cars. Going to be a car company that is certainly comparable to other international manufacturers, Perodua is a crucial car brand in Malaysia.

How Perodua Began And Changed Malaysia

Founded in 1993, Perodua launched its first car, the Kancil one year later. This small car instantly became an icon. Nowadays, Perodua features a collection of different vehicles, including sedans and SUV. However, the Myvi and Axia remain popular and have become sold car models in Malaysia. The Perodua Myvi has also been the very best selling car in Malaysia from 2006 to 2013.

Myvi, The Malaysians’ Favourite

“The initial Myvi model was introduced in May 2005. This compact car was included with an up to date look and advanced technology. It’s a youthful design and versatile space adds plenty of value towards the car. Perodua Myvi also supported multiple safety features. Due to pretty much everything, it became an instant favourite among Malaysians. “


The Affordable Perodua Axia

Although the Perodua Axia was simply released in 2014, it quickly was really a favourite alternative for affordable cars. Besides its good deal, the Axia also contains excellent fuel consumption and low-level noise production aided by the EEV engine. Owners of the Axia will appreciate both its exterior and interior design and can even expect a comfortable ride with it.

Perodua Aruz: Created for The Bold

The Perodua Aruz could possibly be the latest model by Perodua. It is a seven-seater SUV with the fuel-efficient EEV engine and with a fashionable and dynamic design and exclusive accents, the Perodua Aruz is enjoyable to look at. For people with an Aruz, driving towards your destination will obviously be fun and comfy.

An MPV For Your Masses

Flexible seating options and comfy interiors help Alza the most well-known MPV in Malaysia. This Perodua MPV is made for Malaysian families, prioritising comfort and ease and efficiency with luxurious seats and key safety features. The Perodua Alza also possesses a built-in multimedia system, increasing your ride experience further.

Bezza: The Smart And Classy Sedan

Perodua Bezza is Perodua’s first EEV sedan car. The engine is compact and light-weight, making fuel consumption more efficient with every ride. The impetuous appearance of the Bezza is complemented through the various colours it’s available in. With chrome details on the interior and exterior, no doubt why the Bezza may just be the choice sedan for many people!

Perodua’s Relationship With Malaysia

Perodua is actually a fixture not just while driving but as well as our lives. For more than ten years, they produced cars with regard to those Malaysians. Ask anyone relating to their first car; their simple truth is most likely the Kancil. The Myvi remains as the country’s favourite. Due to this, Malaysians could anticipate a new national car in the near future to be made by Perodua.

Moving Forward with Perodua

From sedans to MPVs, Perodua comes with a massive amount of vehicles for Malaysians to choose. Big or small, there exists a Perodua car that will suit your taste and demands. For additional info on our cars, explore Click used cars for more info.

5 Ways to Make Your Road Trip More Comfortable

Going on road trips are always fun, but long drives along the highway can sometimes be an uncomfortable experience. Being cramped in a car for long hours is tiring even for the driver, especially if you’re using a spacious SUV in Malaysia.

However, you shouldn’t let that ruin your spirit. There are ways to make long drives more comfortable so you can enjoy your road trip. Check out these tips:

Bring healthy snacks

You may be tempted to bring chips and sweets with you on your road trip, but sugar and fast food will most likely make your stomach hurt. Besides, they’re not healthy for you! Pack nuts, berries, yoghurt for you to munch on instead!

Prepare a playlist

On a long road trip, it’s best not to rely on radio stations as they may repeat the same songs over and over. Before you embark on a journey, pick you and your friends’ favourite songs and compile them into a playlist.

suv malaysia

Wear comfortable clothes

You’ll want to be as comfortable as you can in a long car ride, so don’t bother dressing up to impress anyone! Wear your favourite PJs or any loose clothing, so you don’t feel restricted in a car.

Make pit stops

It’s important to take breaks on a road trip, especially if it’s a long car ride. Making stops every two to three hours is a great opportunity to stretch your legs and feel refreshed. Besides, everyone needs a toilet break!

Get enough sleep before the trip

We understand if you’re excited about a road trip, but there’s no excuse for getting enough rest. Long drives are draining; which is why you need all the energy you can get at the start of the trip. Being tired on the wheel is even more dangerous if you’re the driver, as you may fall asleep while driving and endanger the lives around you.


It’s fun to go on road trips with your friends and family, but it is important to make sure it’s a safe and comfortable journey for everyone. Always ensure you are prepared for a road trip to make the best out of it!

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An Breakdown of the most effective SUV and Pickup Truck from Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia

The Best SUV & Pickup Truck From Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia

A Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is commonly chosen as a family car as it could support approximately 7 people. One other option for a family car is pickup truck. It has a large area for passengers and goods storage area. If you would like a dependable SUV or pickup truck for your family, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has what you need. Mitsubishi Motor Malaysia is the official distributor of Mitsubishi vehicles in Malaysia since January 2005. The organization has gotten many awards and recognition by production exclusive products throughout the years.

3 types of SUV

Today, they offer three types of SUV model that are the ASX, Outlander, and Triton. Available in both 2WD and 4WD models, the Mitsubishi ASX is the perfect option for those that love the comfort of a sedan car and a higher ride height. It’s built with daytime running lights, MIVEC Engine, airbags, reverse camera as well as other cool and safety features, depending on the variants. Looking for the best affordable SUV? Choose the Mitsubishi ASX. Those of you that hunt for the big family car, Outlander is the selection for you. Outlander happens to be chosen as the best SUV for 2016 CarSifu awards. Besides being reasonably priced, this SUV also offers the technology of 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) featuring an intelligent 4WD system.


Various mode of driving

The driver can choose between 4WD Eco, 4WD Auto and 4WD Lock. Triton 4X4 is a pick-up truck that is made up of new 2.4-litre MIVEC turbo diesel engine with VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo) which make it more powerful and fuel-efficient. Besides it has an aluminium alloy engine providing you with weight reduction benefits. It won several awards that makes it a high-performance car. However, if you might be tight on budget, you can still opt for the Mitsubishi Triton 2WD. For less money tag, you will still get to enjoy almost all comfort and safety features perfectly found on the 4WD.

Huge cargo space

Make use of the money saved and carry your family to a family adventure with the Mitsubishi Triton 2WD. Featuring its huge cargo space, carry as much stuff as you want! Founded in April 1984, Ralliart is Mitsubishi Motors’ ticket to the rally and off-road racing clips. Mitsubishi Motors have achieved many achievements in worldwide titles. With the spirit of racing, fans of motorsports available as car accessories, boutique merchandise and sporting apparel. Grab your collection today.

The best in term of quality

Mitsubishi promises in offering reliable, high-quality and award-winning family cars that will ensure the safety of you and your family on the streets. Take a review of Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia’s website at to find out more about the vehicles or book a test drive. With Mitsubishi, you can drive your ambition.”

The Best Compact and Mid Rande SUV in Malaysia 2019

Those A Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is generally chosen as a family car as it can support around 7 people. One other popular alternative for a family car is pickup truck. It has a large area for passengers and goods storage area.

Mitsubishi Cutting-edge Design and Fuel Effective Vehicle

If you are interested in an efficient SUV or pickup truck for your family, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has what you desire. Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia started in 2005. They brought various high-performance vehicles to Malaysia which enable us to have fun, pleasure, and tranquillity on the road. As of 2018, they provide 3 types of models namely ASX, Outlander, and Triton. Let’s explore these 3 types of well-known models now.

The Mitsubishi ASX has got a collection of premium features like the daytime running lights, the back positioned seats and a shark fin antenna. It’s suitable for people that prefer cars with higher ride height. Its high equipment level is why car buyers may love the ASX. It is a perfect site for you as it’s value-for-money.

The New Mitsubishi Outlander

7 Seater SUV Malaysia | Mitsubishi Outlander

For individuals that seek for the big family car or 7 seater SUV Malaysia, Outlander is the one for you. Outlander happens to be chosen as the best SUV for 2016 CarSifu awards. Besides being affordable, this SUV even offers the science of 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) and features an intelligent 4WD system. A person can choose between 4WD Eco, 4WD Auto and 4WD Lock.

The fifth-generation Mitsubishi Triton pick-up truck gets a new engine and several exterior enhancements. Triton certainly is the first pick-up to have variable valve timing technology and also, an aluminium alloy engine which provides weight reducing benefits like better fuel economy. This is important to fulfil its main duty to take heavy loads. However, if you are tight on budget, you can still opt for the Mitsubishi Triton 2WD. Less expensive tag, you still get to enjoy almost all comfort and safety features perfectly found on the 4WD. Make use of the money saved and bring your loved ones to a family adventure with the Mitsubishi Triton 2WD. With its huge cargo space, carry as many stuff as you wish!

Ralliart Collections For You

Ralliart is Mitsubishi Motors’ ticket right into a rally and off-road racing moments which founded in 1984. With 25 years of participation in the Dakar Rally, Mitsubishi Motors has achieved 7 consecutive wins and 12 overall victories. Ralliart fans can get Ralliart collection from Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia’s website.

With so many experience and good comments, no doubt that Mitsubishi Motors is among the very best auto manufacturers. If you are excited by their high quality vehicles and intend to get one for yourself, book a test drive at Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia’s website now to go through the authentic power. Get more details about Outlander and other Mitsubishi’s vehicles at