Best Musicians You Have to See Live!

Everyone who has watched concerts or been to music festivals will know how exhilarating and exciting live band show can be. All artists can make music but how many of them can really give a good live performance? Check out our list of musicians that you absolutely must see live at least once. Which ones are already on your list?


Everyone knows the English band’s hit ‘Creep’ but Radiohead’s discography grows way beyond that. Fans of Thom Yorke and crew have definitely been left satisfied after every live show, they hardly disappoint.

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If you’re still questioning Beyonce’s capabilities at this arena, give her Coachella performance on Netflix a watch. Beyonce’s attention to detail, powerful vocals, and excellent dance routines really does captivate a crowd. Her setlists are also excellent at mixing her past materials with newer ones.

David Byrne

Talking Heads may be no more but you can still catch some of the essence through David Byrne. Although he can be considered a veteran in the industry, Mr Byrne can still be seen pushing limits to his performing abilities with ambitious and experimental approaches.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

The LA rock band is the epitome of Californian chill but their live performance is anything but that. Anthony Kiedis brings high energy to the slacker ‘80s rock music that the band is famous for. With recent announcement of former guitarist John Frusciante rejoining the band, things will get more exciting for the band


Watching a live music performance is a really good entertainment experience. Once you go to one, you can really hear and see the difference between that and studio-recorded songs or music video productions, and appreciate the artists a little bit more.

If you can’t commit to a full concert or festival yet, start small with live music bands such as the ones at Hard Rock Hotel in Desaru Coast. Visit for more information.

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