AIG Malaysia Insurance Coverage Options

Insurance policies are a wise investment in your upcoming. It may shield you and your loved ones from mishaps and losses through economic assistance. Featuring its versatile and comprehensive guidelines, AIG Malaysia MyGuardian is not merely one of Malaysia’s finest insurance coverage firms. Still, it is also your best option for all of your insurance policy needs.

Wherever you might be in everyday life, AIG Malaysia includes yours back in terms of era or actual physical position. AIG gives four primary individual insurance coverages: home, auto, travelling, and private accident insurance. These guidelines may be tailored to every specific family member, and our insurance policy premiums are exceptionally reasonably priced.

AIG’s Travel Insurance coverage is divided into three main divisions: insurance coverage for residential and international travel and insurance for pupils travelling internationally. All guidelines have medical and private accidents dealt with; therefore, you don’t be concerned about experiencing unforeseen fees internationally.

AIG Malaysia

The benefits of your home insurance plans provided by AIG consist of safety in the case of any disasters, monetary assistance for alternative lodging in case of an organic failure or blaze damages your house. The insurance plan even offers 24/7 security nevertheless when you are away at the job or on vacation.

Guard your automobile with AIG’s complete vehicle insurance policy. The plan’s rewards include our streets assistance support, which will help you alter your tyres, battery pack and assist you in any crashes. With regards to car problems, you will also be given a whole shell out-out.

With a Private Incident Insurance plan, you may supplement any other types of insurance plan you might currently have. You happen to be entitled to a lump sum payout with individual incident insurance and may declare against multiple guidelines. This insurance policy incorporates 24/7, worldwide insurance coverage, so you’re shielded whenever and wherever you might be.

Allow yourself to focus on the more essential things in your life without being concerned about the unexpected. AIG Malaysia MyGuardian‘s insurance policies offer you several choices and alternatives to help you determine which versions suit you best. Find out more about your options provided by

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