4 Tips to Prevent Indigestion in Kids

Indigestion is associated with the pain or discomfort in the upper abdomen or burning sensation around the chest. When it happens in children, they may experience upset stomachs, nausea and bloating. And as parents, watching our kids suffering in pain is never a pleasant experience.

The causes of indigestion in children can be obesity, stress and anxiety, stomach ulcer and gastro-oesophagal reflux disease (GERD). Although indigestion usually goes away by itself after a few hours,  parents should seek professional help or give their child Similac Total Comfort Plus if indigestion becomes frequent or if the pain becomes unbearable for their kids.

Encourage the habit of eating slowly

Multiple research and studies have claimed that eating slowly and chewing food properly prevents indigestion. Eating too quickly means the food that you eat won’t be properly broken down for the digestion process, resulting in heartburn. Besides, slowly eating food lets us savour our food more.

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Drink more water

Kids may not like drinking water regularly, but it is important to promote the habit of drinking water in your children. Water helps in reducing the impact of acid reflux, but water is good for our health in general anyway. You can also try the home remedy of mixing baking soda in eight ounces of water.

Rest after a meal

Children are always excited to move around, but it is crucial for kids to rest after eating a meal. Don’t let them run around or perform any intense physical activity after eating as it can decrease blood flow to their gastrointestinal area. This causes gastric fluids to pool and it will lead to acid reflux. However, you also shouldn’t let them sleep after a meal.

Avoid food that causes indigestion

Fatty food such as hamburgers and fries are the common culprit when it comes to indigestion. Overeating oily food stretches the stomach, and it won’t be able to keep gastric acids from moving in the wrong direction. It is also recommended not to feed your kids too much chocolate.


Taking care of your child isn’t easy, but it is necessary to do your best to ensure your kid’s safety and health. If you have problems with indigestion in your kids, seek professional help.

You can also feed your child with Similac Total Comfort plus that helps in indigestion, stomachaches and constipation. Visit https://abbottnutrition.com.my/products/similac-total-comfort for more information.

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